07JunFixing categories ordering in Wp Ecommerce 3.8.4

We have updated one of our customers Wp-Ecommerce plugin. We found that the products categories where sortable using drag and drop. The fact is that feature does not save the order you set using it.

The fix is really simple, but it is so difficult to have a single line of code (even if its a fix) included in Wp-Ecommerce that we publish it here. Fortunately, the fix doesn’t need to be applied to core files.

This hack simply replaces the wpsc_ajax_set_category_order() function with our own. Ideally, it would be better to modify the core javascript that orders the categories. Nervermind it works and will hopefully survive to Wp-Ecommerce updates.

To fix that issue, simply paste that code in your active theme’s functions.php file:

add_action('admin_init', 'my_admin_init'); 

function my_admin_init () {
	remove_action( 'wp_ajax_category_sort_order', 'wpsc_ajax_set_category_order' );
	add_action( 'wp_ajax_category_sort_order', 'my_wpsc_ajax_set_category_order' );

function my_wpsc_ajax_set_category_order(){

  global $wpdb;
  $sort_order = $_POST['sort_order'];
  $parent_id  = $_POST['parent_id'];
  $result = true;
  foreach( $sort_order as $key=>$value ){
        // ignore empty value (bad javascript makes them)
  	if(!$value) continue;
  	$value = substr($value, strpos($value, '-')+1); // removes the "tag-" prefix from object id

    if( ! wpsc_update_meta( $value, 'sort_order', $key, 'wpsc_category' ) )
      $result = false;

24FebWordPress 3.1 is out

Nice day today, wordpress 3.1 is finally out with lots of new very welcomed features:

This release features a lightning fast redesigned linking workflow which makes it easy to link to your existing posts and pages, an admin bar so you’re never more than a click away from your most-used dashboard pages, a streamlined writing interface that hides many of the seldom-used panels by default to create a simpler and less intimidating writing experience for new bloggers (visit Screen Options in the top right to get old panels back), and a refreshed blue admin scheme available for selection under your personal options.

Our plugins have all been testing for WordPress 3.1 so feel confortable to update. If any issue send us a support request.

[via WordPress Blog]

21JanBgstretcher update

Gecka BgStretcher for WordPressToday, we released a new version of the Bgstretcher plugin that adds two nifty parameters:

  • background_cb to specifify a function callback that has to return an array of the background images to show. Using it you can easly fetch backgrounds images from your posts attached images.
  • shuffle: the name says it all, it will shuffle your background images displaying those in a random order

The documentation has also been updated with those new parameters and with a small FAQ section.

It is free so go for it. Download it, install it and start showing background images like Google does.

BgStretcher for WordPress

30NovBgStretcher wordpress plug-in released

Gecka BgStretcher for WordPressWe are pleased to announce the release of a new WordPress plug-in: BgStretcher. It implements the great bgStreatcher jQuery plugin for WordPress.

It is free so go for it. Download it, install it and start showing background images like Google does.

29NovAmbigous page selection in WordPress

In WordPress 3.0, the devs introduced a new navigation menu system. In 3.1, they are going to include an internal linking dialog for the editor.

One problem is that when it comes to selecting a page, it is barely impossible to distinguish between pages having the same name, turning those nice features into a nightmare when you come to have a lot of pages:

One of our developer has solved it by showing the parent post for posts having a parent. The result is bellow:

To get there, WordPress needs to be patched, no plugin can get such a result. So, our developer has submitted the needed patches to WordPress devs. It is, most of time, really difficult to have a patch included in WordPress. So keep your fingers cross fro 3.1…

To follow the bug report on WordPress trac: # 13499

26NovSubmenu & Submenu pro 0.5.3 release

We have fixed the template action and the start_from parameter.

We also added the ability to position the menu items description inside or outside the item link (the a element). It is the last feature added to Submenu: from now all new features will go to Submenu Pro, so get it, it’s cheap.

Gecka Submenu Widget

22NovLower prices!

Today we decided to lower Submenu Pro price. All licenses are affected by this.

Submenu Pro Single Licence is now only 20€ and is currently on sale for 15€ (limited time offer)

17NovSubmenu 0.5.2 maintenance release

As a user reported, there was a functionality, provided in 0.4.x version by the auto-submenu widget, that was missing from 0.5.

So, I added it back: you can now set the widget to start a menu from the current page’s top parent item.

15NovSubmenu & Submenu Pro v0.5 released!

Gecka Submenu Pro

Click here to enlarge

Here they are, Gecka Submenu & Gecka Submenu Pro have been released.

If you update an allready installed Gecka Submenu plugin, make sure to check everything works as it should.

We are quite exited about the Gecka Submenu Pro release. It is available starting at the low price of 30€ for a single site licence (5 licences pack and developer licence are also available)

This plugin eases menus management and the organisation of your website, especially if you use WordPress as a CMS.

Having a problem, visit our support page.


14NovGecka Submenu 0.5beta released for testers

Gecka Submenu

Click to enlarge

Submenu 0.5 beta is available for testing on Github. It has been mostly rewritten and now handles submenus in a much nicer way.

Get it will it is hot and do not hesitate to report any issue you may face.