Gecka BgStretcher for WordPressWe are pleased to announce the release of a new WordPress plug-in: BgStretcher. It implements the great bgStreatcher jQuery plugin for WordPress.

It is free so go for it. Download it, install it and start showing background images like Google does.

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  1. Rajaito says:

    a different background image for each page would make this plugin a GOD AMONGST PLUGINS

    – also could’t hurt to setup advanced features as tick boxes in the admin panel

  2. Laurent says:

    We have introduced a new option recently: background_cb

    Using it, you can provide a function as a callback in your theme’s function.php. That function has to return an array of background images to show, and thus it is easy to provide per post background images.

    Submit a support request, we can help you to set that up.

  3. Adriaan says:

    Great plugin, thanks a lot!
    It is only a bit unfortunate that WordPress users have to manually insert the “add_streched_background ()” function call to the theme‚Äôs function.php script, because when I update my theme (in my case weaver), the update ‘wipes’ the function.php and i have to but the functioncall back in by hand..
    Maybe this can be prevented somehow?
    Still, I really like the functionality this plugin offers!

  4. Insane User says:

    When using WordPress 3.8, how does one install this plugin?

  5. Insane User says:

    When using Word Press 3.8, how does one install this plugin?

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