Gecka BgStretcher for WordPressToday, we released a new version of the Bgstretcher plugin that adds two nifty parameters:

  • background_cb to specifify a function callback that has to return an array of the background images to show. Using it you can easly fetch backgrounds images from your posts attached images.
  • shuffle: the name says it all, it will shuffle your background images displaying those in a random order

The documentation has also been updated with those new parameters and with a small FAQ section.

It is free so go for it. Download it, install it and start showing background images like Google does.

BgStretcher for WordPress

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  1. Thomas Simpfendoerfer says:

    Background Stretcher is great. But Gecka Apps made it so cool for WordPress. Not to mention their support. They guided me through the dark jungle of PHP. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  2. Rajaito says:

    please explain background_cb a little more. How does it work? where do we put that information to make it work. You are assuming we understand you, but some of us need more explanation please.


  3. Laurent says:

    Please use our support page and send a support request. We will be glad to help you achieve what you need.

  4. My background stretcher – gecka apps site is up.


    Thank you again.

  5. Afshin says:

    Hi There,

    I installed BG stretcher quite easily and got it all to work without a drama, BUT…..

    when i load my page… say for example the blog page, the comment box has vanished and my footer is no longer there.

    someone please help.


  6. Laurent says:

    To whole content of your website has to be wrapped into a div with the ID wrap.

  7. Prosper says:

    How to use exactly background_cb? How must i declare it in the function?

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