You have multiple way to provide a sign-up form to your newsletter.

Things to know

First you have to understand that each user that signs up to your newsletter will get a legitimate user account to your WordPress site (will appear in “Users” page of your wordpress blog.

Each user that signs up to your newsletter will be assigned the “New User Default Role” you have setup in the “General Settings”.

Each user will have to verify their email address by clicking a link they receive right after signing up, by email. Until then, their account will not be activated and those inactive users won’t appear in your wp-admin “Users” page. Inactive account are automatically deleted after 2 days.

Showing the Sign-up form

There are basically four different ways to show a newsletter sign-up form.


Simple and easy, go to Appearance>Widgets in wp-admin and add the “Newsletter SignUp” widget to any of your configured side bar


To include a sign-up form in any page or post, you can use the short-code. Simply type:



Finally you can use show the signup form anywhere in your templates using that PHP code:

<?php do_action(‘gecka-newletter-signup’) ?>

WordPress sign-up

You can also user the wordpress sign-up form. For this, turn on users subscription by checking “Anyone can register” in wp-admin “General Settings” page.

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