A small and free library/framework to ease your WordPress plugins developments. To be released under GPL licence.

How ?

See this example of creating a new custom post_type.

$PostTypeID = 'my_plugin_books';
$TextDomain = 'my_plugin';

$post_type = new Gecka_PostType($PostTypeID, 'Produit', $TextDomain);

$post_type->supports = array('title', 'thumbnail', 'editor', 'excerpt', 'comments');
$post_type->menu_icon = plugins_url('', dirname(__FILE__)) . '/Images/book.png';
$post_type->public = true;

// path to plugin templates
$post_type->add_template_path (PLUGIN_PATH.'/Templates');

Add a metabox to it:

$Metabox = $post_type -> add_meta_box('more_infos', 'Additional fields', 'advanced', 'high');
$Metabox -> set_view(PLUGIN_PATH . '/Views/Book-more-infos-metas.php');
$Metabox -> set_fields_names ('price, discount_price, ISBN');

Then a taxonomy:

$post_type->add_taxonomy($PostTypeID . '_tag', 'tag');

And why not adding it to the main rss feed ?

$post_type->posts_to_main_feed = true;

Finally time to register it:

$post_type -> Register();

Easy? Well, it is. And there are more options, and more functionalities.


Soon, soon, soon !

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