Submenu Pro is a  WordPress plug-in that enhances the WordPress 3.x navigation system. When you have a website based on WordPress with a lot of pages, but you need a custom menu, it can be tedious to have to add a menu entry for each created page.

Submenu Pro just does it automatically.

Submenu Pro also allows u to put menus or potion of menus anywhere in your site: sidebar, templates or page contents.

Automatic submenus

Gecka Submenu Pro

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You can decide to auto-populate any menu entry with any content:

  • pages
  • posts
  • custom post types
  • taxonomies

It is as simple as filling a form. See it in action!

The widget

Gecka Submenu Pro Widget

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Gecka Submenu Pro also provides a widget that can display any part of any defined custom menu.

The most interesting field is the “Startmenu from” field, there you can choose to start the menu from:

  • the menu root
  • the current page
  • the current page’s parent
  • the current page’s top parent
  • any other menu item

Template tag and shortcodes

A template tag and two shortcodes are available to you so you can display any portion of any menu, starting from any part of it or starting from the current viewed page in any page or any part of you theme!

Read the documentation


  • WordPress 3.x
  • PHP5 (preferably but not required PHP 5.3)

See it in action