Have you ever wanted to have thumbnails support for your categories? Have you ever used a plugin that implements some sort of custom taxonomy or custom category but no thumbnail support?

Then, that plugin is for you. Using it you can manage the thumbnails of your categories. But not only, you can set it to enable thumbnails for any other taxonomy, even to taxonomies created by other plugins.

By default, it is enabled for your posts categories. If you want to order any other taxonomy, or add other thumbnail sizes, read bellow.


To enable thumbnails for a specific category/taxonomy add this code to your theme’s function.php file:

if( function_exists('add_term_thumbnails_support') )
add_term_thumbnails_support ('the_taxonomy_name');

To remove support for a specific category:

if( function_exists('remove_term_thumbnails_support') )
remove_term_thumbnails_support ('the_taxonomy_name');

To check if terms ordering is enabled for a specific taxonomy:

if( function_exists('has_term_thumbnails_support') )
$enabled = has_term_thumbnails_support ('the_taxonomy_name');


Don’t worry about providing terms thumbnails support to your plugin’s custom taxonomies. Just point your users here to install our plugin and add those line to your plugin:

if( function_exists('add_term_thumbnails_support') )
add_term_thumbnails_support ('your_custom_taxonomy_name');


Want to contribute? That plugin is on GitHub.


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